Cloud video monitoring system

With cloud video monitoring system Yaware.Video,
Internet video surveillance is simple and handy!

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Construct your own video monitoring system in less than 5 minutes!
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Quick start

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money on extra equipment and its configuration. All you need is cameras and 5 minutes for installation.


Simply connect the watching cameras and create your account - cloud technology lets you use the service and not to worry about maintenance and updates.


All data, including video, is encrypted for safe transferring and storage. Even in case of camera failure, you will still have access to your video records.

Extensive sphere of service implementation
Business security

Improve discipline and productivity, prevent misbehavior and theft both among clients and employees.

Access and convenience

Access all of your surveillance cameras, even if they are located at different continents. Watch the video on your laptop, tablet, phone!

Reliability and stability

Video records are preserved even in case of camera failure or temporary Internet connection abscence. All records are encrypted for transferring.

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Easily. Clearly. Conveniently.
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Set up one or several IP-cameras as described in the user guide.
Download and install VideoCloud Server. Add the cameras to the service. Follow the instractions of installation wizard and your computer will turn into a professional video monitoring system!
Add all your IP-cameras to VideoCloud Server. Their number is limited only by the capacity of your computer.
Incredible capabilities of VideoCloud are now totally at your disposal. From now on, you can watch your camera records from any spot on Earth!
Use cases
How exactly you can use Yaware.Video?
Prevent theft

“Vkus” grocery store has prevented 17 shoplifting cases for $250 in total during the past month by using surveillance cameras to control the sales area.

Enhance discipline

“Deliverit” distribution company has enhanced workplace discipline and saves $4500 a year by installing surverillance cameras in 5 out-of-town offices.

Improve service

“Finance” bank reduced the queues by 80%, using video surveillance at the cash desks thanks to controlling the breaks and involving assistants during the peak hour.

Control finances

Installing a camera in “Rozetkin” appliance store helped detect a dishonest salesperson and find a decent replacement. Next month, sales went up by 23%.

Demonstrate progress

"Domostroi" company increased its inflow of investments by 130% thanks to demonstrating online video from surveillance cameras located at the building ground on website.

Receive notifications

"Global-S" company Chief Security Officer is always the first to know about any suspicious activity from surveillance cameras, as he receives automatic notifications to his mobile phone.

Take rest placidly

Victor Petrovich, “Astra+” drug-store chain director, goes on holiday abroad with no worries, since he can easily access 15 cameras in his drug-stores and warehouses from a tablet.

Keep secrets

“Avdeev and Partners” law firm values security, therefore they have had their outdated video surveillance system replaced by the cloud encrypted system Yaware.Video.

Grant access

“Agrosmith” corporation uses advanced access rights to grant access to surveillance cameras for employees and Head of Departments at facilities of different priority.

Watch video from cameras anywhere!
Yaware.Video allows watching video from cameras
on all popular Windows, iOS, Android devices as well as in the Web
Pick your plan. Price is shown per camera a month
  • $0 per camera a month
  • up to 2 cameras
  • Mobile apps
  • Embedding video into website
  • Local video archive
  • from $5,1 per camera a month
  • No limit
  • Mobile apps
  • Embedding video into website
  • Local video archive
  • Cloud video archive
  • Archive export into AVI file
  • Sound and motion notifications
  • Access to camera for 16 persons
  • VIP technical support
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